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Magic: the Gathering is a fantasy card game that uses a very complex formula to create an intense, tactical-based game. Players compete to capture and control legendary creatures as a faction as they battle for dominance in their local tournaments.

Players can play a wide variety of formats such as Modern and Commander, and can even compete against opponents around the globe. However, while all of the formats have a lot in common, one thing that all their decks share is a very strong focus on mana. Players play each deck through the same sequence of cards, but each of the decks also uses a different amount of mana.

Many times, the different decks run a number of lands that enable them to cast their creatures a number of times, giving them more power in the late game. This allows both the deck that plays the most lands and the deck that only draws more cards in the late game to win the game.

The format also has a lot in common with traditional competitive fantasy sports leagues, with leagues requiring all of the teams to have the same set of numbers. Although it is a bit more complicated, one of the biggest similarities with a fantasy football league is that everyone is playing for their favorite team, and there is often a player designated by that team to run the show during the games.

The Players

Players are listed here to represent the amount of players that have qualified and been invited into the event in question. Each of these people will be on a separate spreadsheet listed under the Players page. You can see these players’ names and information on the Players Sheet. A player’s total number of cards is listed under the Total Cards column. It is important to note that some players will only have a single copy of each card, and some players may only have a dozen copies of a card. These players will not be included here.

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