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The card list is not really set in stone. I may change the way I build cards into each pack at some point.

That isn’t really important though. I like the game a lot and I’d like to keep playing it, and the more I play it, the more I love it. There is lots of potential for fun deck-building, and I can’t say I don’t like having options. I can’t stop playing Magic, and if the game grows as much as I hope it will in the long run, there’s more people willing to buy my cards. I’d rather have the option to just get a card like Gaea’s Cradle instead of playing an entire set which may have only one card in it that makes the cut.

I have to admit though, when I play MTG, I find myself wanting one-drops like Gaea’s Cradle, as I find the one-drop role more interesting than one of the two core roles in the deck. Also, I get more mileage out of having a 2/1 than I do a 3/1 on turn 3, so it all depends on my style of play. That’s what the deck is about. I’ll leave it at that.

I was once playing a deck that did three things, two of which were very important. That is, I had a four-drop, a two-drop, a one-drop, and a creature each turn. Those creatures ranged from very powerful to nothing. The deck was fine. I just didn’t like the deck. It was too clunky. It wasn’t very fun to play. The only deck I wanted to play was control. I didn’t like control decks, in general. It just didn’t seem fun. So I took solace in a card:

In retrospect, most of the cards in the deck do less than nothing. That’s a big reason I didn’t play control decks in the beginning years of the Magic game, and they always seemed a little too clunky.

I found that card and decided to use them in a deck similar to that one. I wanted some two-drops for the sideboard, maybe more. I decided to play a deck that was very aggressive, with lots of creatures. To play a control deck, I also wanted a creature to play turn two. So, I built a deck that played some creatures like Wurmcoil Engine, and then played some fast creatures like Trample

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