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The magical abilities of levitation rely on the body’s ability to produce an internal and external force (gravity) that pushes against the surrounding space. The amount of force that can be produced by an individual depends on his or her height and build, and can range from a few hundreds of pounds to several thousand pounds. The exact amount of force created by the body determines the amount of power you can summon. The most important factor in choosing a levitation spell is the ability to levitate your opponent. For example, you would need a levitation spell that is capable of lifting up to ten pounds. It would be necessary to be able to levitate the opponent in order to perform these spells.

How to make a levitation spell easy to cast?

There are several different methods that are commonly used to make magic easier to cast. The simplest, and most effective, is to create a small pocket of space around yourself. When you first create the spell, you are simply levitating small objects out of your pockets. When you are ready to perform the spell, you simply place one finger on the surface of the ground, and the other finger on the magic circle, and your magic will draw the smaller objects into the circle. You can do this with as many objects as you like. The only limitations on this are that you must keep the small objects in the space in the manner described, and you can’t levitate anything larger or heavier than one pound, because that would make it too heavy. To be able to perform this spell, you will need to work closely with your magician, and use both his or her wand and you magic wand as part of the same magical apparatus.

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Another good method to make the spell easier to cast is to make a small hole in the ground and let the surrounding space expand. There are also other methods that are frequently used for levitation spells. For example, it is sometimes suggested that you create a sphere of magical power around you and allow the air inside the sphere to surround it. The air will create suction which can pull objects down, and the suction can be turned on and off. There are also several other methods that allow you to make an easier to cast levitation spell. You must be certain that you’ve prepared everything properly that can act as a spell. It can also help to make sure that you bring the necessary supplies, potions and food. If you have a small amount of time, there are several ways to make the spell easier to cast that don

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