How does levitation magic trick work? – Magic Tricks With Coins In Tamil

Levitation uses the laws of momentum and inertia. Basically, it is possible to travel by levitating a body.

The body must stay stationary by being a constant object. By doing this one is able to do many things besides levitation. It is also possible for a body to become airborne.

However, once a body is levitated, most of its mass stays static. This makes the air resistance high and the gravity high. There have been many experiments and reports of people levitating small objects by spinning them on their sides and then jumping for them.

The trick is simple. You need a ball of some material that is about 10 cm in diameter. Then you need to jump from it. This can be easily done with a small piece of string. By jumping, you propel yourself to a higher altitude than you originally expected.

As you leave your body you will come to the end of the string. When you get to the top of your target you will start to fall. You need to jump again to get back to the end of the string.

When you land upon the spot where the ball of the string landed, then you can levitate the body. If you jump again, you will land on the ball. This makes it possible for you to go through various kinds of objects. You can use this trick even to levitate a body through a window but that is not very practical if you want to go through a building and get out.

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