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In “Gift of the Magi” chapter you can see Harry perform an illusion using levitation magic. Since he is a student of Occlumency, in this chapter he learns enough information to learn the basics of Occlumency from Dumbledore’s teachings regarding the topic.

There are 2 types of magical movement:


Pushing is the use of physical force to move objects or force a target towards a target. Moving objects (like furniture) can be a difficult process and usually involve a lot of physical effort, while pulling something is easier and can be handled with a simple spell. Magic is the process of manipulating your surroundings using your willpower to affect the target of your decision. An example of a magic spell would be changing direction in an effort to throw a ball (which involves a lot of physical effort, for example by moving the ball towards a goal).

Pulling spells work on the same principle with physical force.

This is what we know as magic.

Why can they use Harry as a spy?

Well Dumbledore’s reasoning that a wizard will not learn Occlumency with the proper training in order to help them is an oversimplification, especially when an outsider knows Occlumency. But we know for a fact that Harry learned enough information in the course of his first year to know enough about Occlumency from Dumbledore to assume that the magic he can use to see into the mind of others doesn’t mean he learned an advanced magic.

What did they say to Harry about his Occlumency?

“Potter, you may learn what you need to know. But you must not abuse Occlumency.”

Harry knew from the first years and his parents that Occlumency is what makes it possible for other people understand that you are not acting in bad ways. Dumbledore says the exact same thing about Voldemort.

How does Harry escape from prison?

What Harry did is in order to escape, he took on the role of Ron’s body, Harry’s wand and Harry’s memory as his own.

This means that Harry used Voldemort’s own Occlumency to help him in escaping.

Is the use of Harry’s memory magic in canon or canon non-canon?

No! Harry’s is not a non-canon spell, but it is canonical to the Harry Potter universe. It can be used and taught in the same way as

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