How does levitation magic trick work? – How To Do Magic Tricks At Home

Is it really possible to levitate objects? Is it even possible to levitate, how? Is this the magic you want to see?

Let’s start with some answers from the internet

Eating food without touching it

In the magic world it is called transference, in everyday life it’s called eating. The most commonly used transference techniques usually involve placing the food on your mouth and then feeding them from your mouth to the person. Most of the transference methods can be done without any food at all.

Transfusion = transmapping

Transfusion is a type of levitation. You can levitate your food by transferring your body’s weight onto another object. Transfusion is usually done in a circle. The object to be levitated has one foot and you’ve already done the body transfer (transfusion) and have enough weight on the object to get your hand to float on its own. Here is a video of some transference done with food:

So basically, people think that transference is really a magic trick – and that’s not wrong. It’s pretty hard to prove a transference has actually happened, but it can be done.

Now let’s be objective

I can levitate something by myself. You know how you can take a bath at home and walk on the floor? Well I can take the stuff that you put into the bath, and then walk on the floor with it. I can even levitate my own underwear and the towels that are lying around on the table in the room. That’s pretty cool – just by magic!

You can use this magic trick to levitate something, and you don’t need any food.

As an aside, if you try this transference trick, don’t freak out. It’s not a dangerous transference technique and it’s not like you’ll have the slightest chance of surviving the experience, unless you do something stupid. You can also take any weight on your object with the help of another object and it would still be difficult to get a hand on that object in such a situation.

What is the magic of levitation?

I think we’re all convinced that the levitation magic trick is so awesome, and everyone uses transference with food the most, but there are a lot of different ways of transference. But it’s not so awesome that everyone

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