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In a recent interview with Dr. Phil the actor gave an update on his personal weight cut. He had a weight loss of about 2 pounds with no added exercise and he says he’s doing this everyday. To quote Dr. Phil, “It’s a little bit like an athlete on a diet. You’re doing it very little of what you’re supposed to do. You’re not exercising the way you’re supposed to because you’re getting your calories out.”

Here’s the video of David Blaine’s weight loss

I have never felt worse. My mind has been clouded. What is it about this guy that inspires me? David Blaine

In the last several months a lot of people have tweeted about David Blaine and his incredible weight loss. We here at Health News Daily appreciate people’s support and love of David Blaine.

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(Reuters) – A Colorado baker who was prosecuted for discriminating against a gay couple by refusing their wedding cake said on Thursday that he planned on pursuing a defamation case to prove that he did not discriminate against the couple.

James Craig of Eagle Rock, Colorado, shows a photo of a cake in this file photo. REUTERS/John Fritze

David Lowery, who is also named as a defendant in a federal lawsuit filed by two gay couples in the eastern U.S. state of Colorado, also said he planned to file a similar lawsuit in Indiana against an Indiana baker who refused to decorate a cake for a same-sex wedding.

“I want to show that discrimination is always wrong. I need some good law in Colorado, I need to fight for my rights for all the people that I’ve discriminated against,” Lowery, a baker who says he has a religious faith that opposes same-sex marriage, told a news conference attended by gay rights and civil rights activists.

A U.S. judge denied Lowery’s first request to dismiss the lawsuit by Brian and David Mullins, who want to be recognized as married under Colorado law.

A federal judge in Denver rejected that request on Wednesday.

Lowery, who has no plans to resign from his job as a wedding photographer, has declined to offer a formal apology for his treatment of the couple, saying he did not ask a question about them or talk about their lifestyles.

In the first case, Lowery said he had asked the couple, who

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