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The pencil is made of a piece of thick wood covered in a soft plastic. When you drop it into water, its surface becomes slippery. As it gets wet, the plastic absorbs moisture in the water and becomes softer. Its surface remains smooth.

The rubber layer around the metal makes the pencil slippery, which enables it to stick to your tongue. The plastic is then coated with a hard plastic such as a rubber, and the rubber layer is able to keep the pencil in contact with your teeth.

So what does a pen have?

Pencil is just that, a piece of metal and plastic held together by a rubber layer. The pen is made of a soft plastic and coated with a hard plastic for good grip.

In the early 1900s, French architect Jean Eustache was tasked to design a pen for a famous French painter named Rembrandt Scholz. The two pen manufacturers at that time were Bouchard and Penon. The two companies had a huge competition to design the best pen that their competitor could offer.

Their pens each had their own style and materials. For example in the early 1900s, their pens had two separate styles of writing ink. Their pen known as the “Sable” was a dark green pen. It features the colors red and blue. Another pen known as the “Red” was a dark red pen. It features red and black.

In the pen of Rembrandt Scholz, each section was made of gold leaf and engraved with Rembrandt’s name and the years 1903 for the gold leaf, 1904 for the gold, and 1905 for the gold and the stamp was made of gold too. Both pen types have been used to mark art works until today.

As both pens have been used, one of the reasons why there are differences is a matter of design and style. One pen was designed with a rounded tip, while the other pens had a smooth tip.

So how can I make a pen from scratch?

There are many ways to make a pen from scratch; some of the easier ones are:
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Step 1 – Find a suitable material:

There is an old saying in India that you can use a metal sheet for making a pen but, unless you have a good supply of copper, your pencil pen will not have a nib.

Step 2 – Find a suitable tip:

The tip of a pencil can be made of metal, like a fine tip for

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