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The pencil works by passing electrical charges through the tip and into the lead. A pencil’s lead, like our fingernail, is made of iron and carbon. When the lead is electrically charged, the metal absorbs the charge and becomes metallic.

As the lead absorbs the electrical charge, it forms new, larger atomic-scale structures in the lead. Then, when the lead is exposed to air, it begins to reassemble and form new, larger structures again. These new atomic-scale structures, the so-called bonded lead, make a pencil’s lead permanent. When the pencil is laid down, the atoms in the lead are pulled from the pencil’s lead again. The lead then reassembles in the pencil’s lead once again.

The idea to make an inexpensive pencil by passing electrical charges through lead has been around for centuries.

In the U.S., the first pencil in 1819 was made using a simple lead-carbon filament. This led in turn was then melted and heated to make a thin sheet of “iron carbide.” The resulting lead was then put into a pencil case with a glass case and a lead spring, which held the elastic lead in place. After being wetted or dried, the glass case was opened up and the lead went into the lead spring. (This process is still used today to make lead pencils.)

From there, an electric current was passed through the carbon filaments to make the lead solid, thus making the lead pencil.

When the lead has been made solid, the lead and carbon stay together. That means they don’t separate. They stick together, however, and will eventually begin the chemical reactions known as bonding to make the carbon and lead in pencil lead more permanent and stable. The chemical bonds allow the lead to become a solid sheet.

How long is an ordinary pencil’s lead?

The typical lead length in pencil lead is about one-quarter inch, but some pencils are just one-third less in length.

What does the word “lead pencil” mean? What would you say to someone who uses this method of making pencils?

An ordinary pencil’s lead length is always about 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) when the lead has not been cut. A pencil with the lead cut off will only have about 10% of its total lead length, which can go up and down in thickness over time.

It can take a pencil more than a week

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