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Use magic in a practical way to achieve a particular result? For me, it’s all about the creative. This will be a very hard trick, and at the very least, it’ll probably take a lot of practice or a lot of time! At the very least, it’s more fun than I expected but not so much that it’ll stop me once I get up and start.

In the book you can find an extensive list of all the tricks shown in the movie, where you can see what’s on the screen. Just click on the magic trick titles in the upper right corner at the top and you can see all the trick descriptions and pictures.

The movie also contains detailed information about the original magician’s tricks, and it’s all in the book!

Here is a link to the movie poster, a new book that describes the magic tricks in more terms than you will ever encounter in a book!

If you are looking for something a little different, I’ve got you covered!

The DVD is a collection of videos, all made by the master magician, John F. Kennedy (1899 – 1963)

It consists of: The magician and his staff, The magic and the audience, The magician and his own staff, The magic and the audience and an interview with a guest magician, A couple of different tricks with multiple sets of staff, The illusion and the staff, The magic and the floor, The magic and the audience and a short “interview with John F. Kennedy”.

You can get them all over the internet, at DVD rentals (Amazon, iTunes etc) and it’s all freely available for your personal use.

Startling 'Borrowed Coin' Magic Trick Explained! - YouTube
But my main interest, the DVD, has had some restrictions put in place.

First and foremost, you cannot download, stream or save the DVD. It has to be downloaded through the store you bought it in. Secondly, I can’t get the movie to play on iTunes for example, at least at the moment. And thirdly, I don’t have the DVD’s artwork on that site so far.

So I’m having difficulty in finding it…

But if you’re looking for something very different from my usual work, and want to find out more about magic and the great people that have inspired me, then I think you’ll enjoy this DVD!

If you want to get all that you can from the DVD, then download and enjoy!

It was an incredible day for me at the San

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