How do you do the rubber pencil trick? – Magic Tricks Tutorial Easy Paper

How do you create these tiny pieces of paper?

To use the trick, all you need is your standard colored pencil- a black or white one. First, make sure you have something to hold the pencil in place. If you can find a pencil holder, go for it! The trick is really just finding a white, long length of plastic or fabric — maybe even a cloth.

Once you’ve got some plastic, strip it down to its thickest and flatten it out by folding the ends over and around. The ends should all be roughly the same size so you can keep them in your hand and move them around.

Next grab a thick and thin piece of heavy plastic. I like to use an old, thick piece of cardboard as a guide. This is very important because we are going to cut the paper to exactly 4 inches square.

Once you’ve got the sheet of paper, wrap it across the bottom. Make sure to fold it up, too, to make the 4-inch piece.

As you wrap, keep trimming the edges to make sure it will fit under your regular pencil holder. Also, while you’re wrapping, take any pieces of paper that you’d like to use as your guide. For this first little experiment, we’re going to keep it pretty simple. Just keep wrapping the paper until your pencil holder comes out.

Once your pencil holder comes out, try to move the sheet of paper into place by using your thin, regular pencil. Let the piece rest on top of your pencil holder for a while. The trick is to gently shake the top paper down and lift it up. The paper should just slide in. If it doesn’t, it may be due to too much pressure or too little.

And with that done, try your first two circles. It works fine for two circles, but it will need to be tweaked later. As the process gets easier, you will likely find more shapes to add. After that, you can tweak the paper to your liking until it reaches its final size. You can try the trick again, or just add the rest of the shapes you find.

All you really need now are a few more shapes to begin.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you really start to become fluent in the trick. You shouldn’t encounter any issues with shape or the pencil holder’s length; once you get the hang of it, the trick becomes a very intuitive process.

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