How do you do the quarter trick?

Well it’s pretty simple really. When you enter a room the first thing you do is turn on your flashlight and the room goes dark. When the room becomes light again you will go back to the room and the game starts. But this trick will only work if you hold down on the right trigger in between the two buttons.

That’s it guys, a lot of very simple tips for a complex game which you should really learn how to get in front of. What really makes it difficult is the way in which you get all of them. If you are using the PC emulator then you will have quite a bit to learn if you haven’t done it previously. But if you have tried it with the Mac version, then the process is pretty much the same. Just keep playing and get used to each new trick so you don’t fall a bit flat in the middle of the level.

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The city of Birmingham, Alabama has become the scene of a bizarre viral video prank that has received widespread news coverage.

The video opens with a white male driving down a street with a blue Chevrolet Suburban. The male’s demeanor changes to be very intoxicated and the person does not speak. As the man drives away, one of the passengers shouts out an obscene word. The crowd then begins chanting “N***** get the f*** out the city of u!”:

“It was funny and a little scary. It’s just an off-the-cuff comment, and he’s actually having a great time while all of this is going on. But it still comes as a little bit of a shock to hear, the guy thinks that the entire city of Birmingham is going to come out and have the city banned from driving because of the term he used.”

Although the city of Birmingham has recently come under heavy criticism in several prominent national outlets citing its public-safety and educational needs, the term “N*gger get the f*** out the City of Birmingham” does not appear to be as offensive as other racial-tinged epithets.

Birmingham has been making waves lately for its police-involved shootings at the hands of white police officers. The police have been accused of brutality and misconduct, while other citizens have been vocal in their support for the city and its police.

The footage goes