How do you do the disappearing coin trick?

One simple answer (as far as I can tell) is to hold the coin under your feet.

I know of a few websites and apps that can use magic to hide coins from casual observation, but as far as I know (and don’t want to admit here) they only operate with the Coin Wizard and not Coin Toss. Even if you didn’t think you’d be using this trick, please know that if you are hiding coins somewhere, do you trust them not to notice the coins are gone??

When I first thought of this one trick, I searched the Internet using Google to find a place in Australia. On Google, I noticed it is a popular trick. The website is called “CoinSneaks”, and it was the first website I looked at. The website is in French, but is accessible in English too. Here is a screenshot:

“I was skeptical at first when I saw it, because even if it is a website in a language I don’t speak, a simple “sneak around” does the trick.” – Anonymous

The site uses several pictures, and there is also a video on this site if you just want the quick explanation of how it works.

The website doesn’t provide a lot of information, but if you look at all the pictures, you will know exactly what it does. Magic Makers Pen Trick, Original, Easy Pen Thru Dollar ...
First, you start placing coins in different places. I usually started by just laying them down in public parks, beaches, and even within my car. When done properly, this creates “mushrooms” and you can see them when sitting in a car, or walking or even standing up. There are more pictures available in the “picture gallery” section of the website.

I had already used the site for previous coin hiding techniques, to the point where I even had it copied from here:

I had it copied to the clipboard in my Windows system. By doing this, the Coin Wizard will be able to locate the coins and hide them, no need for me to go out and find the coins myself, all I have to do is press a button and a hidden coin should disappear… and you can tell me what that one in the middle there is!

And don’t forget to watch this video:

It works with the Coin Wizard too…

The whole site