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For one thing, we do not require any special props or special materials to perform. In fact, we recommend that you use pretty much any kind of soft, dry soap or conditioner. But this is not the case with magic tricks. We don’t know why this is, but it’s not to do with the fact that we are professional artists nor is it because of our art. It’s a result of having many years of experience. If we cannot create something better than we have done before, then it does not matter if we used a magic mirror or a mirror that has a very, very long surface area. If we do not do magic with the same level of skill, then what good will magic look like when we do so? We do the work, we create the effect, and then we get the credit. The same principle applies to our art. All of our work has to do with how we create magic.

Is it about creativity?

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Did you ever think about your own magic?

I have not had the time to have a conversation with anyone about it. When I was young I was very into Magic. But I have found that the magic I enjoy is not necessarily the sort of magic that everyone else is into. I am more interested in what it means to create a great show, but I do not care if the show is made up in the sky and with lasers. I just care about it being fun and making people be happy. With that it became very difficult when my girlfriend got divorced.

What do you do now? Any special project in a particular genre, any new tricks you just invented in your shop, or an old trick that’s still working?

Our business is split into 2 halves: the shop and the art studio. The shop is where we are most actively concentrating our magic on. We have already done some very large and creative magic events, but the art studio is where we are most creative when it comes to producing small things. We have recently been developing some new magic tricks, which have all been designed to be fun. Some of the things we have been working on have been the creation of hand sculpted paper airplane drawings, paper airplane figures, and paper airplane games. For example, one of our latest projects is a mini-game called Paper airplane Jolt. We are still working on several more mini-games like this, but this one really shows us at our most creative and fun.

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