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As opposed to psychic or spiritual writers who are trained in any one of the traditional branches of psycholinguistics, mentalists can be taught to read and write mental objects. Some mentalists, particularly those interested in the work of psychokinesis, are trained not to use their powers to influence the natural world, rather to use them specifically to influence and stimulate the human mind to do mental work, even creating and controlling the mind to do work.

Psychic writers may also perform a psychic function when reading, writing, or discussing the mental object they read into. In this manner, mental-reading psychokinesis can be done with both mental and natural objects.

Can we manipulate human minds to do mental work?

It is an accepted theory that human minds are capable of manipulating the minds of others to perform mental tasks. A key concept is the phenomenon of meta-cognitive (meta-theoretical) control. A meta-cognitive control is the ability to control a single event with the ability to apply a number of different (possibly different) effects on other systems in the world.

Meta-cognition can be used with “theory” or with “science” to create new objects, people, and events.

Theories of psychic activity (including the “mind/body” theories of Ray Hyman, John Money, and Michael Rand) state that human minds can work independently of any external stimulus. Meta-cognition is often used to explain how a human mind or body is able to understand and perceive things and situations.

Meta-cognitive control in humans is usually the result of a highly developed mental system (such as a human intelligence brain system or the limbic system), however, a lot of research has also been done on the abilities of non-human organisms to perform mental work. Animals including dolphins and elephants have been found to perform special cognitive tasks, and monkeys have been observed to produce “meta-cognitive” behaviors that are similar to the human capacities.

What is meta-cognition and what do I learn from it?

Meta-cognition is thought by some to be a unique and unique human ability.

Meta-cognitive control can be used to control people and their activities. Some meta-cognitive tools can include the following:

Meta-cognition has been documented on humans. It is thought that some psychological or neural-cognitive tools that are used with meta

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