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What causes them to become the way they are. And the answers to these questions are in the story of two mentally retarded boys, who are now in their 20s.
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It has been estimated that more then 5 million individuals suffer from a mental disability. These individuals are called “mental illness”. People with mental illness are very often severely emotionally disturbed with feelings of despair, fear, anger and self-hate. They feel they cannot cope with the demands of life and they may have feelings of loneliness and disconnection from other people which are not necessarily linked to their mental illnesses. (1) Some believe that mental illnesses are the result of a chemical imbalance between our brain cells that is in place as a result of a specific genetic predisposition. This imbalance results in physical symptoms.

The second aspect of these individuals is their ability to see through the mental illness to their underlying cause. This is due to a number of factors. They may use these symptoms as a way to cope with their inner pain (2) or as a way to maintain some self-esteem (1). One thing many people who have mental health problems may do is find it easier to “fix” their personal problems by blaming others such as a romantic partner or a loved one. (2) It is very common for people to find solace in this behavior, or as an outlet for their frustration.

The purpose of this article is to discuss several theories for the relationship between mental illness and suicide. These theories have been researched and researched over the past 50 to 60 years and it is my opinion that they hold true. They are:

(1) Psychogenic personality disorder

(2) Antisocial personality disorder

(4) Emotional instability

(6) Hypochondriasis

(3) Depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder

(5) Paranoid psychosis

(8) Schizotypal disorder

(3) Obsessive-compulsive disorder

(8) Schizotypal personality disorder

Psychogenic personality disorder or “PPD” is considered a genetic and psychiatric problem. In this theory, the individual does not believe in their own “rational” thinking abilities. They are “psychogenic” rather than “genetic”. Psychogenic personality disorder is often referred to as “PPD”. PPD is believed to have a genetic component. The “psychogenic component” is believed to be a reaction to emotional trauma from early life. This trauma affects the individual in a

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