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Imagination is the ability to generate ideas from information in the form of images. For this to work, the object of that thought requires the user “to interpret the stimuli according to the mind’s understanding”. The ability to do this requires that the mind be in a strong, state-dependent form of focus. The mind then takes in the information and generates the image of the actual stimulus. The image that is formed can be either physical or mental. Physical imagery is the “external picture or representation” which we see in the “external world.” Mental imagery is the mental information, or the internal image that the mind processes internally. Imagination is the ability to generate ideas.

To see this as a mental or an external picture, imagine we are both seeing and perceiving the same thing – an optical illusion of color. While both the physical and mental states of the individual are in some way the same, there are many ways that each of us can see our own external world differently.

In a mental picture we may have seen the optical illusion of color before, having seen it in photographs. Our brains will have processed a large amount of information from this visual experience. The details of the image from the “inside” will be present in some detail, perhaps even in the center. We are able to use this information as the source for our inner-image of color. The mental representation that you can “see” from the inside, however, differs greatly from that of the external world as you are viewing it. While each of us may have a mental representation, we are in general not able to actually see the physical color with our normal, unaided visual system. Instead, we have an internal representation which depends on the information from the internal visual system.

We perceive the world not as we do with eyes, but according to the information from the internal visual system. Our mind creates an image of the external reality which it “calls into being” for the physical representation.

The brain is like a digital camera whose internal information is a digital image of the world.

The brain creates your mental image in 3 stages:

The first stage is the creation of visual memory. This is the mental image that comes to mind at any given moment in time. This image is typically a digital representation of the actual physical object in memory. The second stage is the processing of the visual system’s internal data. This is the way your mind processes and generates the mental image. The third stage is

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