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The illusion is described as a “magnified false perception” where one sees information not as it is, but “as a sort of projection of the target’s perception instead.”

The trick, according to The MythBusters, is to see information as it is rather than as an image “like a painting.”

“You’ve only got six inches of the camera to work with,” Paul said. “If you are shooting a moving object like your car, for example, you wouldn’t see it as a painting, but as a moving silhouette, so the illusion of size is that it can be projected.”

The illusion works like a laser focusing your field of vision so it focuses on the target, but the image is still perceived as a “projected illusion.” If you look at the target with your peripheral vision (your peripheral vision is from between your eyes) there is no illusion because the image is still very much in focus. This is the exact opposite of what most people think occurs when they look for a target. If you are looking at a moving object, they think you’re looking through a fog of your own brain activity.

The MythBusters tested this by shooting videos of a moving object in the middle of the street and an arrow pointing up on the wall. This would not have caused us to see the illusion at all. Our brain would be focused in the direction of the arrow, the target would be very small, and none of the vision would be projected.

But if you look at the camera, instead of having a view of a target, the image in front of you would be an illusion of space and everything will be projected.

But Paul warns viewers not to be fooled.

“Never just look at all the visual information and forget about the target,” he said. “The real trick, of course, is to see the image as a projection of your perceptual field in a way that doesn’t cause your brain to overreact and over-project.”

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