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This is a question that has plagued those of us with mental illnesses for decades. With a mental illness, we are the ones who have the ability to create change, but it is the people who are most affected by our illness that are ultimately responsible for any change we see from society. It is these individuals that are our most vulnerable, but they are often the ones who are unable to participate in the process of positive change, because they are unaware or unable to relate to the changes that might come from moving forward while dealing with an illness. Without awareness, we can only imagine our mental health, how it can affect us on a very personal level while we suffer, but we cannot actually bring change to others, because we are already part of that system.

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The purpose of this article is to provide a little more knowledge to those of you who are in your early stages of mental illness and will be looking to start taking an active role in what change we will see. A lot of us have had this problem for years. At some point, perhaps even decades, we begin to believe that we are invincible, that we are not going to be affected by mental illness as much as the rest of the world and then, within the next several years, it hits. We’re hit hard, and the first and most devastating impact of a mental illness is that we are no longer able to control how we act. This is a pretty serious hit to a mental illness victim’s psyche, and to many, is life threatening. We know that it can happen, we can feel this pain, we know that it can kill us, but we are too scared to act on that fear. However, as each day goes by, we are finding that no matter what we do, there are still people around us that will still not believe that we need help, that we are not worthy of being part of their world. People will continue to be there for us, and when something drastic happens, they will do absolutely anything to help. Because that world has been the target of our misery for a long time, it is often the world that is willing to put up with our hardships and not see any signs of improvement. So it follows that that’s who the world will look for help. In the back of my mind, I am screaming out that if someone is going to open up to the possibility of positive change, it would be someone I could trust, and that it would have the full support that I deserve. It’s easy to feel alone and not believe

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