How did Blaine levitate? – Magic Trick Cards

A: The story of his levitation is very much based on an illusion that Blaine made up. The real problem is the fact that if he tried to levitate, he would just float.

How did he do that?

The illusion involves a black screen for the eyes and the illusion involves the hands being in front of the eyelids.

How has this effect changed over time?

In the old days, levitation was done just by placing your hands close together in front of your eyes. The illusion of levitation was created by placing your hands on a screen that had black and white dots behind the screen. However, with that method, it took approximately 10 minutes to produce the illusion since you were not able to see the fingers, just a black screen for the eyes. Also, as a result of the black screen you could not see the hands in front of your eyes, only a screen of dots behind. This new method has taken 40 minutes or less and produces the illusion within 60 seconds. Now, using the hand-in-the-face method, the illusion takes about 1 minute to produce.

Can the hand-in-the-face technique produce a levitating spell?

This technique may seem like an over-hyped “miracle”, which is in fact a more realistic illusion that will not last long because you cannot control the body’s movements.

What did Blaine do to make his fingers vanish? Why is there so little magic involved?

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Blaine levitated by moving up and down and up and down. It did not involve levitating his fingers. A magician does not have to invent a system or invent a magic trick to do a levitation trick. You can just do a simple trick that would bring the fingers to your face to make the finger disappear. After that, you will have made yourself levitate. (Source)

Why are there so many levitation myths out there?

You will find a lot of levitism myths out there. You do not have to believe in every one of these myths or to believe that levitation will happen to you. But it is important to learn what is a real myth and what is not a real myth.

What does the Bible say/refute the idea of levitating?

The Bible does not answer or refute the “Leviathan” myth as Blaine levitated. In fact, the Bible is not even on the subject of levitation

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