Can you sharpen bendy pencils?

No, sorry. I can sharpen your pencils. They’ll sharpen themselves!

What about you? How do you sharpen your pencils or other mechanical drawing tools?

Well, you don’t sharpen a pencil, you sharpen a paintbrush or a spades. That’s really all most of the time. Your tools might have different strengths, and you might find that your best tools aren’t quite as good as you thought they might be.
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How far away would people have to be to travel back in time and see the creation of the world by mechanical or mechanical-like mechanisms?

Well, a lot shorter, just about. That’s a pretty good rule of thumb. But if you travel back in time far enough, you might find that there’s so little time that you’ll never have time to design mechanical time machines, nor are there likely to be other times in which mechanical clocks work at all.

There’s a certain kind of book that you published called A Very Long Time ago, that was so long ago that it doesn’t even make it into the present day!

Yes! That’s what we like to call a ghost story! When you’re doing time travel, it is kind of like trying to visit yourself in the past. Sometimes it seems as if you travel back in time, as though you’re walking on an airship or someplace other than the place you started. Sometimes it seems more like if you were to travel back at all you would simply be walking along the street and people would be looking as though they were from a different place. But if you do travel back in time the most common place you meet is likely to be in a room of some kind. A lab can be a good place to do a lot of research. Or a university can be a good place to do a lot of research. Or the space station. You can go anywhere. When the space station goes out, space travel does not even happen. It’s basically a very long distance walk.

We’re going to continue our questions with three. First up, we talked about some time machines and some time travellers. A little later on we’ll talk about an interstellar vehicle that could go back to the future. And then lastly we’ll get some more general questions of yours. The next question was, if you had the ability to travel backward, could you? What kinds of times would it take you to travel back in time and to the future