Can you levitate a person with magnets?

This is a simple task, yes. Just apply some magnetic force to the back of a person and they will float in an instant. The amount you can pull force from depends on the distance between the person and the magnet.

This works for both people and things. If you place your hand next to a magnet, you can pull on it and lift it. Just push harder on the magnet and you’ll get a similar effect. But you can’t simply push on a solid body and the person will remain still. Only things that float can be lifted.

How about levitation while walking?

The method works with just one object – the earth or a pole. You can make sure you are not standing too close to the pole by holding your feet firmly above the ground.

It seems somewhat awkward, however. You might need some force to keep on walking. Do you need to hold yourself on the ground? How do you levitate while walking?

The levitation process can be used to move large objects, and not just to move small objects. You could use it to place items inside a door, or a small cage. You could also levitate some heavy metal objects, such as an iron bar.

For instance, you could move a metal bar across the floor with a few hand or arm muscles, a bit like a spring.

To levitate a person you first need to place a magnet near them, then get some positive magnetism, which will push them up. But this will leave the magnetism floating, so to keep it suspended you have to add some additional force. You can do this by pushing on the pole, like you might push on a magnetized bar. This will send some magnetism to the pole and that will lift the pole. You can lift a metal bar or two with one or two magnets, using this method.

This technique might be useful for people who do not like being held up in a chair or standing on a table. It might also be useful for people who cannot stand on their feet, like people with low back pain or people who have bad knees. Also, in cold weather, you can use this technique to lower someone’s body temperature. Also, if you have a lot of metal items piled up in a small room, levitation makes sense. You could use these items to keep people floating in the room so that you do not need to take a bath or shower. Just like holding a piece of paper under