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This is a question I hear every time I tell people about my invention.

First we will build a magnet.

A magnet consists of a piece of brass or stainless steel attached to some iron. The steel magnet is usually hollow, about the size of a silver dollar. The iron is usually the size of a quarter. The magnet may be held together by some kind of fastener from about 3 to 5 inches in diameter.

I am using a copper magnet I bought from a local hardware store. Make sure the copper magnet is not too small and get it into a small, secure container.

With your magnetic material, cut off about one inch of the magnet. The metal piece will stay on the brass or stainless steel piece while the brass or stainless steel is glued to the iron.

For now we have something to hold the metal magnet together.

If you place the copper magnet onto a piece of tape or other tight fitting material, the magnet will simply fall off. Just pull it off with a little force.

If you attach the copper magnet directly onto the iron, the magnet will probably fall a little bit off. The magnet is going to need a bit of extra support! So remove all but about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the metal.

Make sure all the adhesive on the wire has been cured. Now you need to glue the copper magnet to the iron.

You need an adhesive that will hold the magnet in place. The easiest way to get this adhesive is to find some clear silicone adhesive. I just used a piece of clear plastic. You can find this product in your local craft store.

The easiest way to apply the adhesive to the iron is to start with the copper magnet and spread out the adhesive. Then apply the silicone adhesive to the magnet and make sure the adhesive holds.

Then repeat the process with the stainless steel magnet and the copper magnet. Do this to all the magnets.

Place the magnets next to each other and glue at one end.

Hold the magnets by the glue and the zinc wire at the other end. You need to hold the zinc wire securely until it can be easily twisted.

Start by twisting the aluminum wire in a clockwise direction.

After twisting the wire in this direction, slowly pull it out of the steel frame. The whole thing can be folded and put back together quickly, but it is a lot of work. Do you get it?

Here is the

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