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Are you capable of walking on water?

How does the human brain process information about the world around it? Where does all this information come from? What do we consider real? Are we a reflection of the universe?

How do you know if your brain is wired correctly or not? Why are a lot of things wrong? What are the main causes of autism and schizophrenia? What’s in that soup, anyway? There aren’t many answers about these questions. But in any kind of life – including the afterlife – the answers should be obvious.

How does human consciousness originate? What about a spirit animal? Do animals have minds of their own? Have there ever been any humans with telepathic, telekinetic, telekinesis, telepathy, telekinesis to the point where they could read people’s minds? How does one become an expert on how the world works, given that the world isn’t what they think it is?

Image caption Dr Nakhidzhanov has said a change in leadership is needed in order to save the country

Health Minister in the Russian republic of Kirgizia has given a new name to the disease that he blames on “political machinations”, saying it is the “Russian mafia disease”.

The controversial remark has been labelled “absurd” by the opposition.

It comes amid rising criticism about the way the government carries out its work.

The health Ministry has been under increased pressure to introduce a more active campaign on the disease.

Kirgizia is an autonomous republic in central Asia with a small population and a poor education system.

At least three cases have been reported in the past week, but no fatalities have followed.

Officials told the New York Times that the government was trying to tackle the problem “more effectively” and called for the name change.

But Dr Nakhidzhanov said he had been referring to the disease which has infected more people in recent years, known in Russian as the “Russian mafia disease”.

“It is a disease that cannot be treated. The Kremlin has deliberately spread this disease by spreading rumours and threats in order to create a crisis that makes itself look like it understands the need to do something,” he was quoted as saying.

Russia does not currently offer medical treatment to those who contract it, but there are reports of some suffering from it and others who have died.

A former presidential candidate said his comments had been made ”

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