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Or can we bend spoons with your brains? Can they be bent to break a tooth and leave you unable to eat a bite? What if you could make a spoon bend with your mind? Imagine breaking a tooth into bits (no hard spoons needed for this) and then you could use the spoons to chew on the bits. And what if it was easy to make the teeth split? Imagine if you could bend a spoon’s head to be able to split off a bit? What if a spoon could be bent like a knife and then be used as a knife? Imagine if you could bend a spoon to the size of a knife? What if you would be able to bend a spoon up a bit and it would fit right into your hands and only use it a certain way? Would you like to bend the spoon into a small knife and use it as a knife? What if your spoon’s head was sharp and then someone else brought in a sharp sharp kitchen knife? Would you like to be able to bend a knife’s head? Can a knife be bent? Can it bend with the mind? Can it bend with your mind? Can you use your mind bent to bend a knife? Or are you too strong for your bent knife and can you bend it in a straight line? What if your spoon was a big sharp knife? What if after bending it, it started to wobble? What if instead of using your mind as an unbreakable object (in other words, the spoon could be bent with your mind), it would be stuck to you? What if your mind was the only thing that could bend a spoon? If you could bend a spoon with your mind, could you also bend it at the speed of light? Can you bend spoons in a straight line?

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A bent spoon is useless. You should bend this spoon in a straight line with your mind.

And what would happen if you had a mind that could bend spoons without any breaking? What if after a while, your mind had made a curved spoon with its teeth? What if you just used your mind to bend the spoons from a straight line? When will you first discover that you are bending spoons with this mind? Can you bend the spoons with this mind?

When I made my first spoon, it was really difficult to use it as a spoons. I had this bent spoon and I wanted to bend it but I had no idea how I would do it. There were a couple of possibilities:

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