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“I think it’s possible,” said Prof. Marc Feldman, director of the Centre for Neuroimaging at the University of Toronto. “It would be a pretty neat experiment,” he said, and one with “a lot of ethical baggage attached.”

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Prof. Feldman said in the past, researchers have shown that the brain can read people’s intentions and emotions, as well as whether they are listening. But this is “very far from any kind of mind reading or perception,” he added, noting that it has not been demonstrated yet if devices that look like a cellphone can detect mental activity.

Mr. Vickers said he knows a psychologist who would like to test such a device. He said he doesn’t think it would be practical because of the risks involved in using technology that could be hacked, such as a smartphone.

However, he said the goal is “to make people think more broadly” and look at what they are capable of, instead of what others may perceive in them.

In the meantime, Mr. Vickers said, researchers should do their own research into whether there may be some connection between the mental states or behaviours of brain-reading technology and people’s intelligence.

A few years back as part of my dissertation research, I made the discovery of a strange anomaly in the world’s natural stock market. In a strange coincidence, the very stock market that was once the most undervalued market in the world had in fact now become the most likely to be overvalued.

By all appearances, if you took an interest in stocks, the last few years had been more akin to a bubble market than a stock market bubble. Many companies seemed to have a very bright future with very low leverage and a high degree of volatility. In essence, stock markets had gone wild.

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But one of the many oddities of the world’s natural stock market was that stocks tend to exhibit extreme seasonal behavior. Some years have had unusually intense bull markets despite the fact that they were the least likely to have strong bull markets in the previous quarter. Many had historically low leverage while some had historically high levels. Many had historically large swings between the highs and lows of the market, with an equal number of years with very low leverage and years with very low leverage.

As I looked into it, I found that one factor that had very likely explained this is the fact that in the past few years, all of the most undervalued of the companies had been going out

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