Can Christians levitate?

The Church can’t levitate, but we can certainly levitate ourselves. In the story of Moses, God is sitting on the altar in Mount Sinai with ten men. God tells Moses he has been ordered to come with him, the 10 men to take his place. Moses comes in with his 10 assistants, and God asks that they hold in a spirit of humility “the ark of his covenant”. Moses’ 10 men take up the ark, and God says they will take the burden and “for that day I shall come down from Mount Sinai”, taking the burden with him. He takes the ark of the Covenant and walks off.
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Moses makes his way through the desert with the ark that he and his assistants carry, carrying an offering in the ark. At one point in his journey, Moses is forced by a drought; the people of Canaan, a people like the one with whom he is standing now, have not harvested enough to raise enough grain to feed the people of Egypt.

At the end of his journey, Moses says,

“My people, now I bring you the grain of your desire; as for your own desire, I will send for your sons to give me a feast, that they may eat the bread of my covenant”. (Exodus 12:2-5)

Moses says God will send them a feast because it is His will that His people take and eat all the foods that the Lord has provided for them.

So God sends them an offering and allows them to take some of His food, but He says no more than that. They continue on their journey.

They get tired, weary, and sick at the end of the journey. Moses tells his men to rest in the tent. When they get tired, he gives them food that makes them full; at sunrise, they return to their tents.

Moses goes out to the Jordan river, and when he is back in Egypt, he instructs his 10 men who have been following him to bring water to them, that they may drink it. But while they are in the Jordan, the Israelites of Goshen run away. So they try to steal some water in order to drown. But Moses makes one more effort to get water, and sends his men with him to get water to wash themselves and then wash their feet and wash their bodies in the river. They take care of the water they need and then go their separate ways.

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