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If you have questions and need to speak with a teller, the most common questions are: “Do you want an American bank or a Chinese?,” “Can I cash cash?” and “How old is my money?” You can always speak to an employee if the answer to any one of these questions goes against the bank’s guidelines

How long will the transaction take? You can always ask an employee how long the transaction will take – it depends on the bank’s time rules. This is called time limit. It is the amount of time required to complete a transaction under the current time-limited time-frame, in which banks typically wait. These time limits are often expressed at the bottom of the notice with a tick over the time limit, like 1 minute or 3 minutes in China. When this time limit is reached, the bank asks for the customer’s signature as the transaction should not proceed further. When you sign with your credit card the bank can issue a refund after the transaction is completed – but it is usually no more than 10 to 15 minutes. The rest of the amount will be added into your account, and then the transaction can be completed again. However, if you do not do this in time, you will lose the refund. You can always ask an employee about the “rest of the amount”

Why is an ATM not accessible in my office? At times, you will find that an ATM is unaccessible for the convenience of your customers so please be patient and continue to work at your normal time (usually between 9:30-10am). There can also be some technical reasons that need to be resolved, such as a malfunction or lack of electrical power. In most cases, an ATM will return and allow access no matter what the technical issue is.

The best place to find ATM locations in Hong Kong. The ATM locator is one of Hong Kong’s best resources for finding the closest bank to you at the ATM. Our automated system lets you find the nearest branch of the bank nearest to your location, letting you pay in Hong Kong currency.

Where is the ATM located? Our main banking centres include: The Central and District Banking Departments located on the 3rd Floor of the Hong Kong National Financial Centre

The National Payment Corporation to the Central District of Central Bank of Hong Kong in Admiralty Shopping Centre

The City of London Monetary Authority at 2 The Exchange for Foreign Exchange in Harrods Way, East 24th Street, Hong Kong

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the Central District Office, Central

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