Are coin wrappers free at banks? – How To Do Really Cool Magic Tricks

The answer is yes, as long as you ask.

“The answer is yes, as long as you ask. The answer is yes, in all cases”, says Raghavendran. If you ask for a bank card, and the ATM confirms you paid to withdraw your money, a merchant may charge you for the money you withdrew.

“We were surprised when we discovered this. We were paying a card processing fee – usually $0.20-0.30 – and when we asked for reimbursement, they rejected the card transaction”, says Raghavendran.

If you can’t pay for your payment in cash, you can go into a bank branch and request a debit card. You pay a flat fee that’s less then the amount of funds you withdrew, and that’s that.

Not all retailers offer this service, even if they have them. However, it is certainly available in Mumbai and other major cities, and in banks’ branches, banks have a cashback fee of Rs 10-30 per transaction.

A new version of Ceph-based disk recorder and storage agent has been released that fixes a number of shortcomings of the current version. The new version includes a new GUI interface and several notable improvements. You can read more about the changes here.

The new installer also adds option to manually create or restore snapshot. For those of you who are concerned with keeping a fresh copy of a snapshot, I’m pleased to report that the new Ceph-based version fixes this issue for you too!

While I’m still not thrilled with the old version, I’ve got no complaints. The installer and GUI are very nice and I’m glad to see the ability to create/re-create snapshots for individual snapshots has been moved to the new installer. You can see the change in action in the video below.

I should note something about the old version that I wasn’t too thrilled with, especially with the option to “manually create snapshot”. I mean, I wouldn’t bother with the backup, unless I was going to take your machine apart and rebuild it, right? Then it might be worth it because, right now, as I explained at the last Ceph Developer Summit, this is the only way to be sure about all the updates and new features.

I’ve heard that Ceph-Rack will eventually be discontinued, so it could be more trouble to get the latest version instead, but until this is proven to be true

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