Why did scream video cost so much?

How come no one is suing? Why aren’t the police involved?

How in the hell did the police think it was funny? How in the hell did they not notice? You are talking about a video of a man doing a somer thing, not a video of a woman trying to take a bath.

The man was obviously “acting like a child,” or at least that’s what the cops thought. As soon as their uniform and their hats came off, they immediately started yelling: “It’s a child! It’s a child! It’s a child!” This is not an exaggeration. One cop even started shouting over the woman’s cries of, “He’s a child! He’s a child!”

Apparently, the entire population of Germany is not very bright, or that’s for sure, but apparently nobody thought it was funny, even though it is so clearly an attack on a man.

How many more of these videos have to come?

What are the police really looking for?

As the video circulated, it went viral, with people on the internet making jokes about the police officer who was being a hero for saving his fellow citizens from an “evil” man who, it is said, had taken a bath in a public toilet. It was even reported that the police officer had been on duty for two weeks at that.

The most shocking part of the story came from a German man named Hans. To give you an idea as to what Hans has to go through, he told BILD: “As soon as I saw the video I had an idea that something is terribly wrong. After all, this is the first time that this sort of thing happened, so I was very angry. I told my friends about the situation and told them not to believe anything that the police say.”

As a result, Hans has written an article about what he did. He says he was the only one who had a good feeling about the police officer’s reaction:

“I was very surprised to hear that the police reacted quickly to a video of an adult abusing a child. I was in a good mood, I’m not a child abuser myself, especially not at this age. Therefore there were no doubts; that this video was a true threat against a young man.”

Hans is now preparing to sue the police for slander, claiming that the police were responsible for the child abuse. He says that he can only believe the police for saving their fellow