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The only real differences between ring light manufacturers is which bulbs are used, as a general rule, the higher the wattage, the better the light.

Ring light brightness: a good test is to check the brightness in the bottom of the light, which is measured by a simple light meter. For a very small light (for example, a flashlight), it could be as low as 5 millimonds, but for a brighter light, it may vary. Another method is with the battery light, but this is more challenging as the color is very difficult to read. An older method of lighting can also be used, called “solar flash” or “sunlight”. It uses a small “lamp” that glows blue due to the angle of the sun, and the LED bulbs are used instead of the usual alkaline cells.


When should light be turned off?

There are several general rules based on how to adjust them for each user, but we’ll go over a few simple suggestions, as they will make the difference between a successful use of the light and a useless use that’s a sure route to having your batteries explode.

A good rule of thumb is, never leave your light running on your bed overnight, especially when doing activities such as sleeping. If possible, set the timer on your flashlight so it’ll shut down completely when you’re finished.

The most dangerous use of a ring light is in places where cell phones and the like are banned. In these cases, it’s almost always a bad idea to have the battery light on, even if it wouldn’t normally be.

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Remember: If everything else has been taken care of by a prior chapter, there are more practical things to do with your batteries than turn lights on or turn them off. Don’t rely exclusively on the ring light, but do make sure you take care of your rest of your kit, too.

How do you keep your battery light turned on for hours?

The most basic rules are to turn your flashlight off when you get home and to always keep it in your glove compartment to avoid the battery lighting up while you carry it with you. Keep a spare in your pocket on the off days, too, and have an extra on the table for when you need the light.

Do your batteries glow when I’m doing a manual load?

Yes, this is one very common issue with many ring LED lights, and one that many people ignore.

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