Which course is best for video editing?

It depends on the complexity of the video. If you are making a fast action sequence using 4K video and need to edit it quickly, we recommend using the QuickTime Pro or Final Cut Pro.

If you would like to edit a video using 3D or slow motion, see our other articles on QuickTime & After Effects.

What is the best editing software?

How to shoot steady video without a tripod - YouTube
We recommend Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It has better audio, post-production and is free.

Mac App Store Best Audio Editors

Mac App Store Best Video Editors

Video editing may not be for everyone, so you will need to find the video editing software that works best for your particular workflow.

For more in-depth info on how to choose the best tools for video editing check out this article below: How To Choose The Best Video Editing Software.

Get started with free video editing tutorials

The Video Editing Training Hub has videos, articles and guides on many topics, including, but not limited to, video editing basics, advanced video editing, and video post effects. This site is a great resource for learning about video editing and what it takes to get videos to audiences.

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Video editing on the Go

We have also published a free ebook that helps you get started on Adobe Video Editing: How to Make Videos for Screen, Web and Mobile.

In addition to audio and video tutorials in this video series you can also see them in our video library below.

Best Mac Software For Video Editing

Whether you are a video editor, videographer, or production/promotions manager, we think that you will love what we have to offer here at How to Shoot Videos On A Mac. Whether you are making an indie documentary or working with big name clients, we hope our guides will help you to make better movies and better lives.

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