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The Sony RX100 III was the first camera to shoot 4k 60fps with only the Sony a7R II camera and Sony NEX-7 camera. Since then, the Sony RX100 II has been replaced by the Sony RX100 III and it is now possible to shoot 4k 60fps with both models. However, Sony’s latest crop sensor camera – the Sony RX100 V – was the first to shoot 4k 30fps with the Sony NEX-7E camera.

What cameras can shoot 4k 60fps?

The Sony RX100 III (RX100 IV / RX100 V) – the camera with all the advantages of the Sony a7 series – now allows you to shoot 4k 30fps in 4:2:2 4:3 (4:2:0 in 4:3:2). However, the Sony RX100 III is only compatible with Sony’s NEX-7E camera because the camera is also compatible with the Sony a7S.

Other Panasonic models that support the standard in 4:2:2 4:3:2 4:4:4 4:5:5 4:6:5 can also shoot 4k 30/60fps. However, the Sony RX100 II only supports 60fps.

Can I use a Sony a7 camera to shoot 4k in 4:2:2 4:3:24:4:4?

Yes. The Sony a7 series cameras from Sony have all the features necessary to be able to shoot 4k 60fps. However, some lenses are not that compatible with the full frame models (the an 18-55mm lens, for instance). A very small number of Sony a7 series lenses (about 10, including the most expensive ones), like the 18-55mm f/4 OSS are only capable of shooting 4k 30fps. So it is not recommended to shoot in 4:2:2 4:3:2 4:4:4 4:5:5 in those cameras.
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Can I use a Sony NEX-7 to shoot 4k in 4:2:2 4:3:24:4:4?

Yes – Sony NEX-7 is designed to support shooting at 60 fps/30fps. However, it does not support 4k 60fps because it uses a crop sensor camera (with the same resolution as the full frame).

How do I know if the Sony RX100 IV or the

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