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Lighting is a big part of this:

“Youtubers are the biggest source of inspiration to our content. A great lighting experience is the foundation you have to build on. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of creative work to get your content as good as it can be,” says Vadim.

“To understand how, imagine the average YouTube video is around 600 minutes long—a good chunk of which is set after a live chat/video call from the company’s tech department. The lighting is typically in the same budget range as the call. This is for those three minutes of chat you were talking about on the live call.”


1. The lighting budget

2. The cost of the camera

3. The cost of the editing

4. The tech budget

5. The time involved in the production

6. The time spent polishing

7. The time spent working with the Youtubers

8. The lighting budget and how to spend it

9. The marketing budget

10’s up

The lighting budget is the biggest item because it affects everything, from the quality of the video to the content itself.

“When you watch a video you want to see what the lighting is,” says Vadim.

“You don’t want to look at the video you’ve just watched and think, I could put more effort into that.”

The Youtuber’s lighting budget is also essential, as well as the tech budget and the time to invest in the edit.

“It is a crucial part of the whole process, so that if someone says no to doing something or wants to cut something that is essential,” Vadim says.

It is not only the Youtubers who have to make use of lighting – the team behind the app has to understand the right amount of light, with different shades of green and yellow, and the right way of getting it on the screen. All of this creates an ideal lighting scene, says Vadim. You need to create your own mood in the video, and try and match the exact colours of the people you are filming – this will tell the right stories.

“For example, in this video a yellow sky looks awesome, but you know that’s not gonna look right if you are doing a video that is shot in the US or Germany and

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