What lights do Youtubers use? – Videographer Training Certification

Some people use the LED. Others have a normal flashlight. Still others use a normal flashlight and a laptop, but there are people that go the extra mile and use a flashlight in the case that the regular flashlight is not available. This is especially true if that flashlight has a built-in LED.

What’s the battery life of the Lightbridge?

When the Lightbridge started out, it was announced that the light was supposed to last four hours, if you got the timing right. That is now updated to 8 hours. We’re looking at the future, and the 3200mAh battery from the LIFX is the perfect match for the Lightbridge.

So do I have to buy a bunch of new equipment just to use the Lightbridge?

Not at all. It is easy to use and works as advertised. You do have to buy some new lighting, but it is not expensive – although it is nice to have something that costs $100 more.

How long have I been using Lightbridge?

I started out using the Lightbridge in May 2015, but since then have been continually updating and adjusting it to make sure it remains as reliable as possible. It is very much on-going, and I am very surprised by the rate at which it has been improving since I started using it.

What’s a good way to use the Lightbridge?

The Lightbridge has a built-in camera, microphone and speaker, so there are few apps that use it that are not also using other apps that already have their own camera and microphone (including Netflix). It is one of those apps that can add a ton to the entertainment experience, and is a must for anyone using the Lightbridge as one of their main sources of entertainment.

What does “LIFX” mean?

Lightbridge Inc. is in fact a Canadian owned company. Lightbridge is a registered trademark of Lightbridge Inc. That is part of a whole set of trademarks that makes sense, and I am not sure why they would want to use the Lightbridge name outside of Canada. They do have plans to develop more software and hardware products, but for now they are focused on making a good experience with the Lightbridge. But hey, now it is official: Lightbridge is in fact a Canadian company.

Is there a Lightbridge app yet?

Yes there is an app that uses the Lightsource for iOS/Android, but you might have to wait as

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