What kind of camera is used to shoot music videos? – Videography Course

Is it for commercial purposes or is it “private” for personal use?

The cameras used in music videos are commercial, they are meant for music videos not for commercial purposes. Because they are for commercial use they are for use during commercials, so if you use them for music videos this is fine. So the cameras are not for personal use.

But then why is the music video for “Gone” being broadcast on a commercial network? I mean is this supposed to be personal use or commercial?

For “Gone” that was a promo video that used a lot of clips from “Shoot” in the intro and in a lot of the video, we decided that since what we do was for private use that we should do it in a way that it would be seen during commercial breaks, as that we wanted the public to know that this was personal use of music videos, and that it wouldn’t be airing during commercials. So this was the decision we made.

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Why did you decide to broadcast on a commercial network or not?

What you see on the screen during the commercial breaks is just that, something used for a commercial purpose, but we wanted it to be seen by as many people as we could to let them know what music videos we are working on are for. That was the reasoning.

Why did you decide not to show the teaser online first?

For “Gone” the music video, the teaser, was supposed to be broadcast after the commercial break, not online first as they would have wanted it to be done. So when we decided on a commercial network for this project it was clear that it should never be on the internet first. There’s some music videos that are very personal, if you show them online it’s like they’re in public or something and that’s not something you want for your music videos.

Why don’t you show the teaser online first either?

In hindsight I guess it would have been more popular to do that first. But when you’ve seen it for so long, even though it’s only been 1 day you may have changed your mind about something and the next day you might decide to do it the right way, so it’d be better to start the teaser first.

Are you giving any interviews and what are your plans? We know “Gone” will be in the works for several years now since you’ve been at Itazure for so long, can you talk us through some of the

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