What kind of camera is used to shoot music videos? – Learn How To Shoot And Edit Video

A digital camera… I just used an iPhone, so I don’t know who’s really shot this. But this is going to be a hard sell to people. If they could see us standing there in the video with one camera holding a phone, I mean, I don’t really want to tell them “No” and ask them to watch it. But, this will work. If you don’t want to watch this video… I could go the extra mile, and give you a link to a site where you can actually see us in the video with one of the best phones you’ve ever had. But I just don’t think it’s going to come together without money. I can’t afford that. [Chuckles]

J: So, I got some questions about how the project really began in the studio. It sounds like you spent a lot of time shooting it back home. So, I was just curious, what was the process of figuring out the way to make this video happen?

BB: It started with me sitting at my laptop in L.A. and writing a story about myself. That’s kind of our whole process, right? You’re in your house, you see your family and yourself and you start getting it together. That’s usually how we start to figure out our next story.

My sister and I were married for about eight hours before we had kids. We went through a lot of things that caused us to start dating at such a young age. We were very young. By the time we got pregnant our mom had already had a baby in her body. So we spent a long time deciding who I was going to be, and that’s how we ended up getting married. By that time I was already married. I didn’t even like being with another person until I was 25!

When I started college I fell in love with music and then, like everything else, I started living it. The two of us started going to every school across the country. We were driving all over to places in the Midwest — like Michigan, Indiana, all those different places with different music scenes — to make art. And so, the first year that I was in Chicago, I got in a room with all my friends and we created a video based on the idea that you could make art with a phone. We were all sitting around in a room, you know, creating this little movie where you’re like we’re going to create a movie about music and like we’re going

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