What is the starting salary for a video editor? – Video Shoot Meaning

From here, the average starting salary is $65,500 per year.

How much does a video editor actually make?

From now on, it is impossible to calculate the exact number but, as it says on the video editor wages page;

The average salary for Video Editors in London is around £65K per annum and $75K per annum.

You might hear about “Video Editor’s salaries” that seem high, but really, if you just read the article and the link, you won’t know what you are talking about. The best estimate I found was that the average cost per month for a video editor would range anywhere between £2.2 and £2.9K, so don’t expect anything below those prices.

What do Video Editors, Digital Media Editors and Video Production Editors make?

According to the average website’s wages page, the best Video Editor’s earnings can be anywhere between £28,000 to £32,000 per year, depending on where you choose to live in London, Manchester, LA, Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Tokyo, Mumbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, Seoul or Paris, Paris, Seoul.

The average Digital Media Editor’s salary for video editing range from around £6,000 to £7,500 per year depending on location, but it seems that as for Video Editors, they earn more than Videographers, Film Editors, Motion Graphics Editors and Visual Designers.

Video Production Editors make more money than Videographers if you compare hourly figures as this chart shows:

However, the average earnings are much lower. For Videographers and Film Editors, the typical wage for someone who works for a single video editor is £12K to £14K per year. This can range up to as much as £37,000 per year if that video editor is responsible for three videos.

How do you make the money as a video editor in London?

With almost 300,000 video editors in London according to the video editor salaries list below; it seems that many people want to move from London to work in the United States or elsewhere. What is a video editor’s salary in London compared to other places?

Video Editing in London Video Editor’s pay in London vs. other locations Average salary Video editor salary in London $50-80k $10-20k Videographers $60-90k $25-35k Motion Graphics Editors $55-70k $20

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