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A video editor is a professional who creates video projects based on the ideas of professionals in the entertainment industry, including directors, producers, editors, motion picture producers, composers, visual effects artists, animators and the list goes on. The following is the average starting salary based on recent job postings on Freelancer.com for a video editor:

Position Video Editor Salary (USD) (USD) $11.32 to $32.80 per hour

3. Videotyping Consultant

Video typographers are individuals who work closely with a client to create video content. You may be responsible for the art, writing, editing and post-production of video projects. Some individuals will specialize in one aspect of production and make additional money by working on the art or animation side.

Videotyping consultants work for film and television production companies that want to make sure that the finished product looks great. The job will have you designing logos, making videos, and taking pictures and video from location to location. This job can involve more than just design.

The average starting salary for a video typographer is a little higher than those listed above at $11.24 per hour.

The following is the average starting salary for a videotyping consultant:

Position Video Typographer Salary (USD) (USD) $11.23 to $31.90 per hour

4. Videographer

Video producers, graphic designers and webmasters are typically employed for more than just producing video, they are also creating graphic designs and layout that can be used in various other creative projects, such as web pages, banners, website banners, and even advertising campaigns. Videographers also work with producers, editors, and other individuals to develop new and/or altered content during production.

The average starting salary for a videographer is $11.07 per hour and you should expect to work less than 20 hours per week. Videography is a very versatile industry so you may find yourself needing to work on multiple aspects of a project and work with multiple individuals throughout the day.

The following is the average starting salary for a videographer:

Position Videographer Salary (USD) (USD) $11.02 to $28.60 per hour

5. Web Developer

Web designers and programmers are individuals involved with the creation of websites, online services, application or software. The job allows an individual to develop or maintain a website and assist with its management of functionality by creating code

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