What is the saddest music video? – Learn Video Shooting And Production

The thing that makes it sad. Some of them really have some emotion in them. “Lying in the Sun”, it just makes me feel bad for the guys in it. “My Sweet Baby” it’s horrible, but it has the lyrics. So that’s why I just have to say it. It really hurts the guy. “I’ll Show You Where The River Meets The Sea” – it’s the most terrible song I’ve ever heard. When people like me tell them that it’s actually terrible, they don’t understand me.

What did you do this morning like? Oh man I just went to the gym. You know what I did? I jumped on the treadmill, just so I could sweat faster. That’s all.

Are you going to be in more music videos next? If so when do you think they are going to be posted? I don’t know.

Are you going to sing about what happens? I can’t imagine, especially with all the controversy. But yeah. You know it’s like… they always talk about me singing about things that are really funny, but I don’t think anybody can get a sense of the deeper themes or the darker things that happen in my life. When you put it all together and you put all the feelings together and you try to put it together in a way that’s not too cliché, then it can be a lot of fun. And that’s what I want to do.

Are the “silly” songs like the “Smile Like You Mean It” thing? Because there is all these little riffs and stuff. Sometimes they’re pretty corny. “That’s Life (Silly Version).” If I think of that song right now I’m in a lot of pain for real, even though I’m not supposed to say.

How are you doing after this tour last year? It’s pretty weird. I don’t know if I’m doing alright. I’m still trying to figure out what happened. I can’t answer that. I know I did some things right. I know I let people down quite a lot. I’m just gonna keep trying to figure out how to take what happened in our life and really fix it. I’ve learned to never look back. No mistakes. If you make one mistake in life, you’re going to make more.

You guys have played festivals a couple of times, which has been interesting because your fans are so passionate and you go on tour with them

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