What is the saddest music video? – Event Videography Tips

There’s the oldies, but they’re still a dime a dozen. It’s music you can feel in the heart. You can hear a tear rolling, and what’s even sadder is, you can feel the song coming at you. And in order for that to happen in a meaningful way, you need to have a connection to the artist and an emotional attachment to the story. The best music videos tell that story, too, and they really get at what makes music so special. There are plenty of other videos that are sad to say the least. But I’d suggest you give something like that to the video department. It has to have some sort of emotional value that makes you care about it, even though it’s the least interesting thing about it.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is that it matters to an extent about what you do as a man with an art-directed career. And you don’t want to be someone to be ashamed of, because that’s not who you are. The other thing a guy should be ashamed of is that he looks at people who are famous and thinks he’s better than them. Because it’s the reason artists keep going back to the studio to record, and it’s the reason it’s the reason that they’re rich and famous. Look at me. I’m a pretty decent guy. I’m a fairly decent guy at least. I’ve been honest about my issues with mental illness in the past, too. I have a bad skin condition as well, which I know because I’ve tried to make it go away, but I still look terrible. And on top of that, I have issues over my body — a few tattoos on my stomach, a couple on my shoulder blade. But I’m still one of the most popular guys in the industry, in my lifetime. I’m not just famous because I’m a human being. I’m famous because I’m a very talented person who does a lot of very personal things. I just happen to be one out of every 50 or so people, in terms of success, who has some mental illness.

Is there a particular song that helped you get your life together and make other songs in a similar way?

I had a feeling. I didn’t really know anyone who had a disorder, and so I got in touch with two friends. I asked one, “What are your biggest struggles and fears,” and she gave me an incredibly good answer: “My main fear is getting in trouble

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