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When we were talking about our favorite music video, the ones that just make us sad are the ones that just make us laugh. One of the saddest music videos was a story about kids getting their heads stuck in a blender by their parents when they were really young and ended up crying themselves to sleep. We also like to look for music that’s just plain sad, like a video like this.

What was your favorite song from the soundtrack?

That we just love and are happy to have our favorite music in the movie. I feel like most of them are kind of sad, like “This Is It,” “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” or any of these other songs. What about “Just A Little Bit More” and “Growl” or “Piano String”? Those are kind of happy and upbeat songs, and that’s what we like. Also our favorite music that was in the movie was “I Just Want To Make You Happy.” We didn’t pick that because we think it fits the movie well, it just feels like the perfect music for our movie and it fits with the way we thought about our movie when we wrote it. You think about your film, what’s the mood you want to portray? When you write it, it starts with that in mind. Then you have to see how it fits into your world, who and what do you want to portray in that world and then you do a lot of research and figure out how that music fits into that world.
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What’s going to be your next step with the soundtrack?

I’m going to start making more music videos. The album, for me, I feel like it’s the first album with two or three songs really close together that kind of feel like a love song. That was something I wanted to do and I’m doing it. We’re planning on going on tour this summer with our soundtrack, so we’ll see how that goes.

Are there any plans to release new music on SoundCloud?

I’m always going to make sure I find opportunities to make my music available. You can tell that it’s working for us, because it allows us more freedom in the way we choose to create our own music. We never had to think about our music, we just put it to use. I really love working with the artists and they have shown me a lot of love for them and I’m just always going to go on the road with them to perform and promote what we

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