What is the most expensive music video? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself

The most expensive music video was “Sugar Magnolia” featuring Whitney Houston, who sold approximately 13 million tickets in her career.

For more information on the top 10 most expensive movies, check out the following links:

10. “The King of Comedy (1999)”

If you can understand a joke, than that’s a clue you are talented. This movie has been around for the longest time and it is still considered the highest grossing comedy ever. I watched it at the cinema once and it was great.

9. “Star Wars: A New Hope”

As of this writing, Star Wars: A New Hope is still the highest grossing original movie ever, but I’m pretty sure Disney doesn’t like me talking about it as a lot of it just shows up online as the old stuff. So for the time being, the 10 highest grossing movies on IMDb are the following:

Star Wars: A New Hope – $2,924,858

Raiders of the Lost Ark – $2,564,742

Jaws – $2,500,000

Blade Runner – $2,200,000

The Godfather Part II – $2,200,000

The Dark Knight – $2,200,000

8. “Batman Begins”

Batman Begins was the top grossing movie on the big screen in 1999, making $2,924,858 in box office. This was a phenomenal achievement since Warner Bros. had never before produced anything like it. This means Batman won a war for the hearts and minds of moviegoers and moviegoers wanted their next big film in theaters for a lot of reasons.

7. “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”

Star Trek: The Motion Picture has been the top grossing picture of all time at the American box office and is still the top grossing film on IMDb, making $2,848,800. Star Trek did great commercially even though it didn’t play at all. It also cost as much as an average movie cost, so it played well.

6. “Back to the Future”

Back to the Future has made over five billion dollars in the U.S. alone, making it the only “real” blockbuster. A lot of people love the first movies but the fact of the matter is that this movie and Back to the Future are two different breeds of pop

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