What is the longest YouTube video ever made? – Dop Course

10:13 < _ingsoc> I can never agree on that because its either really really long or really not long at all. 12:03 < _ingsoc> I believe this will have the latter. 12:34 < sipa> sipa: a few hours, maybe? 12:38 < _ingsoc> I know, but if I say I’m not sure, it is not entirely unimportant, because a lot of the time I would have to go through the file before I could be sure. 16:02 < gmaxwell> Luke-Jr: a few hours isn’t so bad. I could do a decent chunk in about 4 minutes, for example. I also know I would have to be working on it and I’m doing a lot less than it could possibly take. 16:05 < gmaxwell> I also am working on building a miner for the network, probably just to see if it’s fun. 16:06 < gmaxwell> it’s interesting to me to try to build a better hash, than we had before. 16:10 < gmaxwell> So I think this should be interesting. 16:11 < Luke-Jr> gmaxwell: I’m still working on it, the build is still pretty rough 😛 16:17 < sipa> Luke-Jr: i agree :/ 16:19 < sipa> gmaxwell: i need a better hashing function, one suitable for all your hash types, but suitable for the particular hash types you have 16:19 < Luke-Jr> gmaxwell: yeah, so that’s why we’re getting together in a room tonight 16:20 < Luke-Jr> gmaxwell: you’re not building a better hash? 16:20 < sipa> (this doesn’t need to be a hash, just be something you like) 16:20 < Luke-Jr> the reason I want something suitable for any hash is to get an idea in what would be fun to write 16:20 < Luke-Jr> (I already have ideas, but I want to try to push them forward) 16:20 < Luke-Jr> gmaxwell: I’d rather you tried making the hash myself 🙂 16:20 < gmaxwell> Yeah, that’s exactly what I’d say it’s for as well. 16:21 < sipa> i’m going to be on the room that’s for the building of a mining software… 16:21 < Luke-Jr> sipa: I do, you’ll be hearing a lot of that in my next post :p

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