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While video is obviously still king in the world, there are a number of ways to explore new things. Take, for example, Google Glass, which has been making waves with a small range of apps that allow you to take video and video-related apps. If only Google would have considered its users a little younger, the Glass could have been a lot more.

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The ’50’s are officially in the past. This fashion was not only for the rich folks who bought a few pieces of couture, it was for anyone who wanted to look like the famous Hollywood of that time. And who doesn’t want to look like James Dean? The ’50’s style was simple and simple, as the designer who brought this to the table was probably the greatest, most iconic designer of the age, Henri Bendel.
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A great designer should always have a look that is original, and this look of the period, created by French designer, is certainly not a thing of the past, although the style may have become a bit dated by now.

This is one of the very best and most timeless designs of the period. The ’50’s were not only for those looking for the old days, they were for anyone who wanted to try on the clothes and look in style. A great style with an original look was all you needed.

Possibly you will find this style on the shoulders of some of the hottest and most famous designers of the era: Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Michael Chabon, and so much moreā€¦

Here is a list of the best things about the era of the ’50’s:

The fashion that was popular all over the world:

The dresses that were trendy and fabulous were for the entire globe:

The look of the era with all of the fabrics:

The fact that the designers did all kinds of wonderful things together:

This is one of the best looking dresses in the world.

One dresser in Los Angeles always said it best:

Invented in the 50’s and by anyone who wanted to, it was an instant hit. They really knew who they were.

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