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If you are a VFX supervisor in an agency or on a larger VFX team, you may want to know a visual effects hourly rate. VFX supervisors often use their own time (and often a combination of their own and their client’s time) to produce their work. For the majority of projects you will be assisting with, you will need to be paid per hour, unless you are producing a motion-picture. In those situations, the hourly rate for your help will be set by your supervisors, and your rate will depend upon the work on the project.

If you are making films with your own work, or you are on a team, a VFX supervisor is usually paid per day. However, a VFX supervisors rate does vary by how much production time you have, and the number of artists working with you.

If you are a supervisor working with a larger VFX team, then pay per day may not be an issue. For many film companies, pay for VFX supervisors varies depending on how much production time you have and how many artists are using a particular production task. If you are on a team of artists at an agency or on a larger team, it will be generally more money to pay your VFX supervisors per day. When you are coordinating your production with your colleagues, you will almost always be responsible for the budget. If your production team does not have the budgets for VFX, it will be in your best interest to figure out a contract and set your own rate.

Why is it important to pay your VFX supervisors?

When you have people contributing to a creative process, they help keep it fresh and add to the story, as well as the process of filmmaking. You will want to pay your actors a premium in a project so that they can maintain a good relationship on top of that. VFX supervisors are also vital on projects where the visual effects and special effects are the main focus of the production.

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