What is the cheapest camera for filmmaking? – Where To Look When Recording Video

If you know what you’re doing (and I certainly know what I’m doing), then the answer is no matter what camera you are using, an iPhone or Android is the best camera you can buy for capturing high quality video in a way that you will remember.

Yes, when purchasing a camera with an interchangeable lens (IL) (which is essentially a zoom lens), you lose some of the quality of your image from your camera’s image sensor, but you also gain the ability to shoot with a high-quality lens and capture high-quality video. So, while you are using a compact DSLR, it’s possible that you’ll be able to achieve better photo and video quality than you would with a standard compact DSLR.

Canon EF DSLR Cameras:

Canon EF Lenses

The next important camera type to consider is the Canon EOS DSLR, which can also be known as an EF-S lens on the camera.

The EF-S Canon lenses are the closest equivalent to Canon’s higher-end DSLR lenses. This means that you’ll likely need a longer focal length to be able to shoot at shorter distances or more creative types of photography.

The EF-S lenses come in many different focal lengths but the more compact EF-S 50-150mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens (equivalent to 4.3 inches by 4.3 inches) is probably the best choice for most users.

Canon EF Lenses:

Is one of my EF Lenses outdated?

Yes. The EF lenses from Canon are not all interchangeable with most other lenses. Here is an article detailing the major differences so you know what you might have to look out for. Please ensure that your Canon EF lenses are updated before purchasing.

Canon EF Lens Warranty

How long will my lenses have Warranty?

The Canon EOS system provides a 12 year limited warranty (12 months/year) for Canon EF and EF-S Lenses.

Canon EF Lenses Warranty Info:

You will be provided with a Warranty Return Authorization (WRA) number after purchase from Canon USA or authorized retailer, which must be included with your order to complete your warranty claim. Please use this number to provide the WRA in your final order.

Canon EF Mount Lens Warranty Info:

You will be provided with a Warranty Return Authorization (WRA) number

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