What is a selfie ring light? – Video For Photographers

To use them they just need their own selfie ring and a flash, or just use a flash and have the ring be positioned over head.

What are they like wearing in the morning?

They are pretty cool to wear after a long day on the computer and just to look at the world. They are extremely lightweight at just a few ounces and great for walking around in the light and not being bothered by the ambient light from the ceiling.

What are we doing on Kickstarter with these?

Our first goal has to be to make these affordable, so we are hoping to do that right here on Kickstarter.

Our second goal is to give these out at any trade shows we appear at. While they are not exactly the cheapest of the lot, we feel they are worth a few bucks to show people what they are.

If we were to get funded here, we thought we would reach out to people to see if they would have a product of their own made just for us.

Where will the money come from?

We want to be able to offer these as a mass market accessory that will be easy for any person to use on their smartphone, as the people who want them will be able to use them no matter where they are.

You can find out more about our company and what we are producing here.

After a couple of months of being fairly quiet, the official Star Trek website has updated with some new stuff (and I hope they are just the old things, because that was fun). I don’t know what the plans have been to do with “Star Trek Online”, but I’m hoping we get a small update about it. The website is also listing a number of new items, among them that there should be an update to the TNG Visual Dictionary in November. We don’t get the visual dictionary all that often in my opinion, it’s just a bit more convenient to use than the existing ones. They are also hinting that they have a new logo ready for this launch, so hopefully that will be the case. The latest news on the game is in the first few posts below, I’ll try and add to the first paragraph as it stands: So let’s break everything down for you. *The Federation and the Klingon Empire – The first two weeks of the game are going to be very much about making the fight in the first two weeks, and getting a little bit of the Federation to stay on board the bridge of the USS Enterprise N

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