What equipment do I need to shoot a music video? – Learn Professional Video Shooting

A laptop, an extra power charger and a phone. There’s no point in having a camera if you can’t get the shot. We recommend using a small digital camera if you can, but it isn’t necessary. It will help you find your focus, your point and get you through the night without a single miss (which is always good). Also, you do not need to worry about battery running out during a shoot. We have had our laptop charge up and back down in the evenings, and we still got our shots. So, get a high quality power charger – a USB Type-C one from eBay is probably the perfect one for this (it won’t take a lot, but it’s the best).

I bought my equipment new, but am still using it with my video!

First of all, you need to understand the power requirements of your equipment. The batteries in your video equipment will not give out enough power for all the images you need to record for a music video. You need enough batteries to power the cameras as long as you keep running them (which they will need to do constantly due to the motion). You’ll also need some power from external devices: speakers, lights, phones, etc.

The first time we shot our music video, we managed to capture only 4 images in the entire video, but in the end, we managed to shoot around 8 images that were very usable (with a bit of softening, but otherwise, it was okay). The most important thing is to find a setting that gives good light to the camera, and avoid the use of harsh light (like high intensity).

How do I compose my videos?

You need to use your imagination and focus on your mood and the atmosphere of the stage. In general, the best way is to keep your shots at a distance, but there’s no need to shoot in 2×3 or even 4×5. Try to keep your subjects at a distance that doesn’t scare you (so it’s just a few feet, but in terms of being more expressive, keep it between 1 and 2 meters).

In terms of lighting, we used a small studio lamp and a tiny spot lamp. Also, try to use your imagination: we tried several small spots, but we found that it wasn’t the right one for this shot. Try to pick a spot that you love and feel good about lighting. There’s nothing wrong with a dim spot lamp where the light falls between the two light

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