What camera do YouTubers use? – Videography Basics Pdf

Mostly cameras without built-in WiFi, unless there are special situations. If you’re like me and need/love WiFi, you will also need a computer/smartphone to stream.

Do you have a dedicated setup for twitch?

I’ve setup my home studio at work using a couple of inexpensive and very capable setups, but I’ve never used my pc while stream! The closest I’ve had to working with my pc was using a laptop, but I was too much of a mess to learn anything, and the camera settings were a big pain to figure out.

Do you have any tips for a streamer?

For twitch, it definitely says a lot about the way people stream, but in general, you should have some knowledge of the internet and basic command-line stuff you’ll need to know to manage your stream.

If you’re going to stream on twitch, make sure you get the ability to use your computer to broadcast it to people before the recording process. There are multiple free “streaming guides” on the internet. I recommend watching those instead of the hundreds of other advice posts/guides that are floating around on the internet.

One tip that I’ve discovered during my stream, is that there might be a bug in twitch that causes some people’s streams, to never start at the first start. I’ve found that to make sure I have an uninterrupted stream, I don’t go in the client, but I log out before recording!

How do you manage your time

How long a day will it be? Do you have any regular schedule? What is your standard day/night schedule?

Normally, a streamer’s schedule will change based on the work schedule. If you’re working the usual 9am-5pm and are in school for the remainder of the day, I believe it’s a great time to stream for the first part of the day.

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If I’m at work after 5pm, I’ll start to stream around 6. If I’m home until about 11pm, I’ll be streaming until about 4am, unless I’m in a rush.

The best way is to put any streaming schedule of your choosing on twitter: @Brick_Punx

How do you deal with trolls?

Trolls can be very nasty, but I believe that they’re only going to be able to do so for so long because of the amount of work you have to put in

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